Revival: The True Fairy Tale


                                                                      Lydia and Kiya Thornton 


   We are mother and daughter, we wrote Revival: The True Fairy Tale because we felt called by God to write it... It has taken us years to get the book to where it is today. This was very hard to accomplish; having no literary experience. Occasionally God calls people who are inexperienced to do something challenging, all for 'His Glory' We are gratified to be chosen as implements for His Glory; just being a fragment of a receptacle for Him. 'Revival: The True Fairy Tale' is a Christian fiction story that leads the reader to 'Jesus Christ' our loving and merciful Lord.

 latest  revised copy is 1/29/ 2020; black cover with colon on front. Prior copies, because of much needed editing have been discontinued.




                          Authors: Lydia and Kiya Thornton